Terms & Conditions

Tegarti is dedicated to serving merchants of various sizes and categories starting from mini to multi-store merchants across multiple industrial sectors, through providing a set of compatible and integrated services that closes the value chain for all retailing stakeholders by integrating them into a one stop shop platform for every service merchants might need.

If you are a merchant, you should join Tegarti’s ecosystem and get in control of your business and automate every small detail, leverage instant integration with ecommerce, digital billing and financial services providers to grow your business, and get instant access to wholesalers and suppliers whether they are B2B wholesale marketplaces or nearby suppliers; to cut costs and keep your supply chain optimized and automated.

Tegarti perfectly fits for MSMBs, bricks and mortar merchants, mom and pop shops whether they are in retail, wholesale, or distribution businesses.

Tegarti in its core aims to make merchant’s life easier, facilitate, automate and simplify daily operations responsibilities, help merchants understand weakness points and maximize growth opportunities.