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Beyond POS and more than business management; we help you manage, scale and integrate your retail business with every digital service you might need.

Cashier system

Sales and Invoicing

Build your product list, create add your most selling to your favorite, add to the cart, finish and print the invoice.

It takes you less than a minute to create an Invoice, just tap the product or use your barcode reader.

You can select from different payment options, add special discounts, or assign to a client.

Shifts Management

Start a new shift, enter your pin code for quick access and multilayer security, and add the starting balance and you are ready to go.

Finish the open shift with available in draw balance, review total’s history, and select the account you want to deposit the money into.

Invoices and History

Review the history of your invoices, with quick analysis on the totals, cash or digital transactions balance.

Review the list of total sales, returns or saved Invoices with details on Invoice’s number, time of record, total amount and more.

You can also search with client’s name if registered, which takes us to Tegarti’s awesome yet simple customer management tool swipe next!

Customers and suppliers accounts

You most probably know your retaining customers, but do you keep a record of them? You can now build your customers list, add their names, their contacts, their addresses, their balance, their dues, and even customize special discount rates! All in one awesome screen!

Not only that, you can also add your suppliers and all of their details and dues for quicker access.

Not you can see a simple balance analysis for your capital in this feature, but you can also create reminders, add notes, and perform quick settlements for any given invoice!


Sometimes you have to pay someone, buy something, or manage a non-expected situation and you just forget to write it down, right? It’s a hassle we can relate to!

Now you can use Tegarti's expenses management feature to keep record of all your expenses in the most direct, and simple way.

Just add the amount, add a note and it’s done... only in 30 seconds!

You can also view and search all your expenses by date, time or amount.

Cash Flow

You are in control!

You can customize your default preferences using settings features, starting from the language, the so many printing options, counters, and store details, almost everything you would need!

You can also define defaults of customers’ location in your local area to simplify adding their details later!

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Management Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard

All in one dashboard, how much you sold, how much you spent, your profits and your capital cycle. in a very simple way!

You can also perform quick tasks such as stock taking, review inventory, capital updates, add suppliers or customers or even perform quick custom sales!


Here you can add your product list, create custom product identifications, or even browse from Tegarti’s ready product catalogue to save yourself a huge hassle and get ready in no time.

In Tegarti, there are so many ways to add your products’ identifications or details on multiple levels, starting from brands, products, units, categories or even tags to product details such as name, pic, SKU, buying and selling prices in addition to short description if needed.


Quickly add your purchase orders with invoice details, and if you made any modifications on any of your orders.

You can also assign your purchase requests to your registered wholesalers.

In the near future, this feature is going to be where you shop for your business seamlessly.


Known as most merchants’ biggest hassle, but not for Tegarti’s users!

In one simple screen, and maximum three steps, you can view, add or manage: Inventory settlements, Inventory transfers, Inventory movements, stocktaking, Inventory life cycle and levels, expiry dates, SKUS and barcodes, serial numbers, and more is coming in the way!


Simply automating your traditional accounting processes.

Starting from cash flow records, expenses, revenues, profits, banks, lockers and accounts settlements and transfers.

We know how complex it may get, but you can just to find out how easy we can make it!


Yes, you can find your suppliers here, who supply what, what was the latest price rate, do you owe him money, and do you have returns invoices?

In this feature, you can build your own list, whether for suppliers or distributors, and balances, contacts and view your relationship history with each. Or simply upload your excel file if you are doing this manually, and take your processes to the next stage!


Your customer relationships are always the most important aspect for your sales, right? We know you care about that, and we had to do something about it!

Use Tegarti to be able quickly add your current or new customers, add their balance, provide them with payment options and special discount rates, or even send them reminders and promotions through Tegarti to keep your name on top of their minds!


Where magic happens!

You can review, select, and even customize your preferred results through our smart filtering analysis engine. Tends of possibilities that are going to be endless in the near future!

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Integration Readiness

This is where Tegarti enables your growth seamlessly.

You can instantly integrate your current account or signup a new account with any of our partners and integrated services to connect everything in one dashboard, save yourself a huge hassle and keep everything under control!

Our partner network is growing up quickly and we will be adding more services to our plugins marketplace very soon!

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Different report
in your pocket

Download Tegarti’s Reports and Analytics app to get live time updates on what’s is happening at your store at real time and in the most possible simple way.

You can connect your branches and your accounts in one place or even view and track each one separately.

It’s for you

  • A wholesaler
  • A retailer
  • An ecommerce
  • A distributor

Services & Rentals


Cosmetics and makeup





Pets' supplies

Sportswear and supplies

Apparel & fashion


  • Kiosk
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Franchise or Chain



A simple way to get started

150 Free
125 Free
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  • 2 user accounts and 1 branch
  • Limited services plugins
  • Cashier and payment methods
  • Products entry
  • Sales and expenses
  • Branch and employees management
  • Accounts and lockers
  • Customers and suppliers
  • Reports and analysis
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Basic features for sale and purchase

300 150 EGP /Month
250 125 EGP /Month *1500 EGP - Paid Annually
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  • Daily +
  • 4-6 user accounts
  • 1-2 branches
  • Limited services plugins
  • Cashflow management and settlements
  • Inventory management
  • Purchases management
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Specially trailed for your needs

500 250 EGP /Month
418 209 EGP /Month *2500 EGP - Paid Annually
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  • Basic +
  • 1-9 branches
  • 5-45 employee accounts
  • Unlimited services plugins
  • Advanced expenses
  • Advanced purchases management
  • Customized management add-ons
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